CUSTOMTOOLS System Requirements

To reach an optimal user exprience with the CUSTOMTOOLS products, the target computer where you install CUSTOMTOOLS in should meet with the following system requirements.


For CUSTOMTOOLS SOLIDWORKS Add-in, you can refer to the SOLIDWORKS System Requirements because CUSTOMTOOLS does not cause any differences to the system requirements defined by SOLIDWORKS.

CUSTOMTOOLS Viewer and Administration:

The following table describes the system requirements that apply to CUSTOMTOOLS Viewer and CUSTOMTOOLS Administration:

  Minimum Notes
Processor* 3,3 GHz or higher, 64-bit Intel® or AMD processor with SSE2 support. 32-bit operating systems are not supported in the client workstations.
System Memory (RAM) 16GB or more. ECC RAM is recommended.  
Graphics Certified OpenGL workstation graphics card and driver. Please ensure that you also have a suppored graphics driver version installed. Supported graphics drivers could be found from the SOLIDWORKS Graphics Card Drivers web page. Graphics card driver not supported by SOLIDWORKS may cause stability issues.
Hard Disk Space 150 MB.  
Install Media DVD Drive or a Broadband Internet Connection.  
Network** Microsoft Windows networking.  
Other SOLIDWORKS eDrawings SOLIDWORKS eDrawings is required by CUSTOMTOOLS Viewer only.
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 Microsoft .NET Framework v4.5.2 Web is included in the CUSTOMTOOLS installer.
Microsoft SQL Server The Microsoft SQL Server is required because of the database CUSTOMTOOLS needs to store the design data in. Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express Edition is included in the CUSTOMTOOLS installation package.

* Intel Pentium 3, AMD Athlon and Athon XP processors are not supported.

** Novell networks and non-Windows network storage devices are not supported.

Supported SOLIDWORKS Versions:

CUSTOMTOOLS 2020 supports 64-bit editions of the SOLIDWORKS versions 2017 - 2020.

SOLIDWORKS eDrawings Version:

There are no specific requirements in relation to the eDrawings version in CUSTOMTOOLS Viewer. The eDrawings version associated to CUSTOMTOOLS Viewer affects to the SOLIDWORKS document version support in CUSTOMTOOLS Viewer. So please refer to the supported SOLIDWORKS versions for the eDrawings version support as well.

SOLIDWORKS eDrawings version installed in your workstation is automatically detected on CUSTOMTOOLS installation. If at least the same version of SOLIDWORKS eDrawings is already installed in a target workstation than provided by the CUSTOMTOOLS installation package, the eDrawings installation is skipped on CUSTOMTOOLS installation to avoid compatibility issues with your SOLIDWORKS documents.

Microsoft SQL Server:

Microsoft SQL Server is a required component in CUSTOMTOOLS environment. Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express is included in CUSTOMTOOLS installation package as a server component. For the SQL Server's system requirements, please refer to an article available in the Microsoft Technet.

Info NOTE: Only one (1) Microsoft SQL Server instance is needed per one CUSTOMTOOLS environment when using CUSTOMTOOLS in a local area network (LAN) environment. In environments where are more than one user of CUSTOMTOOLS, a database server computer is recommended because of the better data consistency provided by the environment having a centralized SQL Server.

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