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Microsoft SQL Server 2014 SP1 Express is included in CUSTOMTOOLS package. The Microsoft SQL Server is used as a database engine for the CUSTOMTOOLS database. CUSTOMTOOLS database can be installed with the Server side components.

The Microsoft SQL Server 2014 SP1 Express is installed automatically for the CUSTOMTOOLS database purposes if any SQL Server instances are not already installed in your CUSTOMTOOLS server computer. If you already have any Microsoft SQL Server instances installed, the new SQL Server instance is not required since you can use an existing instance with CUSTOMTOOLS as well.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 SP1 is the oldest version of the SQL Server supported by CUSTOMTOOLS.

When installing the CUSTOMTOOLS Trial version, the database is automatically installed as well, if any existing CUSTOMTOOLS Database could not be detected.

If the Microsoft SQL Server is already installed on the workstation but the database has not been created for CUSTOMTOOLS, the installer only creates the database.

Please visit Microsoft Download Center to read more and download the Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express components.

When you create a new database for CUSTOMTOOLS, the CUSTOMTOOLS Database Creation Wizard creates a user called ct_admin into the SQL Server. The ct_admin user is used to login to the database engine.

You can order CUSTOMTOOLS related SQL Server environment customizations from your CUSTOMTOOLS reseller. You can also make the necessary changes on your own. If you prefer to make changes to the SQL Server on you own, please consider the following notes:

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